Came home to a broken machine - no lights MB

Well today was a bad day. Basically I came home to a machine no longer working (Ryzen 3700x, Gigabyte x570 Aorus Master). Been running smooth for 30days. It turns out that the landlord have had an electrician visiting working on some grounding stuff. I do not think it is a coinscidence that my machine stopped working the same day.

Anyhow psu (corsair hx1000i) - if I click the fan self test -the fan spins up. But if I plug the atx24 pin into the cpu - self test fan no longer works. And I am getting NO lights on the motherboard.
I’ve taken the mother board out of the case, laid it on a wooden table and same story. Disconnected memory, gpu - same story - no lights. Haven’t disconnected cpu yet.

Is it fair to say either motherboard or psu or both is fried? Should you be able to get ligths with everything disconnected (no cpu, no gpu, no memory). Not talking about being able to do anything usefull - simply just be able to get onboard powerbutton lights?

Hard to tell without further diagnostics.
If you have a cpu installed in your board, and you connect,
both the 24 pin atx and the 8 pin cpu power connector.
When you fire it up, the cpu fan atleast should start spinning.
If really nothing happens, yeah it might be psu.

But again it could also be the board or both.
Only way to figure that out, is testing with a known working psu,
that is up to modern spec i’m affraid.

If your wall socket wasn’t grounded and something happend in the electricity net,
like a voltage spike or lightning strike or whatever.
Then yeah that could be bad for the psu.

Assuming there was a huge power spike, your fusebox at home should trip and turn off the entire line safely leaving the damage potentially to your PSU.

Since the entire system is new (as in this year new) your store where you bought it can potentially do a quick diagnostic (assuming you did not order it online).

Those symptoms appear to be PSU - At least it is the most suspect. If you can borrow a PSU or even buy a cheap one just to test with you’ll know in a flash (no pun) :slight_smile: - if the board lights light up and you can post - you’ll know. Corsair RMA is really good. You just need original receipt and the SN from the PSU.

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