Calling all Battlefield 3 players

Hi folks, give me your opinion on the Assault and Recon class please, also tell me what you enjoy about BF3


The reason for the classes is because most idiot's on Battlelog forums seem to think all Recon's are useless, i will be disproving this in a short while with a video of me playing TDM using Recon class and coming out on top with just a Bolt-Action SV98.


So yes, enough of my rant, fire away, you can rant about the game in whatever way you like, just keep it constructive please :)

Here are my stats if it mean anything to you....

My KDR went from 2.56 (Reset) to 2.2 from using Recon class, this can be expected..

SPM actually went up, quite the contrary to popular belief.


I usually play as the engineer. I prefer close quarters combat with smg's and medium range rifles. My KDR sucks though since I'm always overenthusiastic about running into firefights. That's my own playstyle though and not because of the class I play

Support Class, TDM and M60E4!

Upload vid later.


Stats really do not mean all that much because once you hit a certain amount of hours, any vast improvement in gameplay does not affect your immediate stats.



Here is Capture the Flag for those without Premium:


You cannot go wrong with a flawless victory :D

Air superiority Gameplay :)

I havnt been using recon much at all. I used to be a beast sniper in BFBC2 but Ive been running around like an idiot as ENG and SUP. I usually end up just tank hunting with c4 on foot. I dont do that chickenshit jeep jihad stuff. ;)

Assault class -

The Assault class is overpowered, it is in dire need of balancing. The class as an entirety has a massive advantage over any other class.  It has ALL of the most effective guns in the game, you can heal yourself, you can revive team mates, and/or you can have an M320 launcher of your choice [M320, M320 SMOKE, M320 SLUG], or you can have a M26 variant of your choice [M26 MASS, M26 DART, M26 FRAG, M26 SLUG].


Recon class-

I just want to say that I don't think that the Recon class is useless or rediculously underpowered. It could use a few buffs here and there, but it's mostly well-balanced, and can be a very useful class when played right. 



As for the class I use the most, I usually play Engineer. I don't touch the Assault class because I feel that it is too easy to play, and I mainly play on large maps on Conquest Large, so one of my primary objectives is to take out enemy vehicles. As for Recon and Support, I really just don't like support, there's not much else to it, and Recon I do play a decent amount of time, and I usually enjoy it [I usually use an M98B with 8x scope and a laser sight, and I PTFO], but my play time on Recon isn't anywhere near my Engineer play time.

If I'm playing competively, I use the G36C, Holo, Foregrip, Silencer.

Or the M240B Holo, Foregrip, Flash Supp.

Or the Scar L Iron Sights, Underslung, Heavy Barrel

Or the SVD, Kobra, Foregrip, Silencer

Vid (if it has gay intro just wait longer as I trimmed it):

Hey, bro. I'm a member of the competitive 4v4s and 5v5s scene in the Oceania region, namely Australia. In my opinion, recon as a class is far from useless, the spawn beacon and the MAV/TUGS are among the best gadgets in the game regardless of whether you're playing in a pub or a scrim.
However, if you're talking about recon in the sense of getting around with a bolt action sniper rifle, it's not useless but it's far from the most effective loadout. Anyone can jump in a TDM server with a SV98 or an m40a5 and wreck shop, but in objective based gameplay there is just no question that a person playing recon with an AS-VAL or even certain semi-auto rifles (m417 & SKS) is going to be more effective than a person of equal skill playing with a bolt action rifle.
I have videos on youtube, but none that demonstrate my point. Maybe I'll try to get into a conquest server and try to play the objective with a bolt action and post the results. Who knows, I could be wrong.

Yes that is true Zig, i was just having my swag show.... with the bolt action, gotta love that reload animation :P

I enjoy all the classes on BF3 and I do well with all them. I average a 2.0 ratio and just usually play various guns and never really stick to one class or weapon setup

Well, guys. I didn't get time today to play a full game of conquest. I did however play 2 quick games of TDM, and decided to make a video out of the clips. I don't make montages, I generally just post up match footage as part of a kind of anti-cheat measure which the league I play in takes. But this was fun. I might make some more, and I'm still interested to see what I could do for the team with a bolt action in conquest, so stay tuned for that.

Gave you a like, good footage :)