Calling all 9800GT Owners

Ok, my friend has a 9800GT, and hes telling me hes getting shit frames in games like COD5. I think its his CPU/Motherboard. Could all you 9800GT owners tell me the settings and frames you use for COD5. I want to make sure that he needs a new CPU before he goes and buys one with no performance gain. Hes got a AMD 5200+ @ 2.6. And the mobo is some shitty ASUS mATX.

Please Halp.

Mobo - Msi K9N2 Platinum
CPU - AMD Phenom X4 9550 @ 2.2
GPU - XFX 9800GT

I get about 35+ frames all of the time on everything max and at 1920x1080 full AA.

Hope this helped

reporting for duty sir

I dont have cod 5 but
I can pretty much run everything besides crysis on max

I play world at war on my E2180 with my 9800 GT, I will admit that it does get laggy at times because of DX10. Â When I play on XP using DX9, zero lag maxed out.My E2180 is only 2.0Ghz, so ...realize that lol.I bet it is his processor though.9800 can max that game out easy

I didnt have any lag with mine and everything was on highest settings.

My friend has the same issue, exept he has a fucking phenom and a 9800gt and he lags ASS like 10 fps gta 4, and its similar in other games.

well i have the same problem a 9800 GT and a AMD 9500 quad core with a ok mobo that doesnt oc
and in cod 5 i sometimes get as bad as 10 fps in campaign most of the time i get around 25 fps in zombie mode and multiplayer

I also get terrible fps in crysis wars on all low

GTA 4 like 15-10 fps

COH on all low i get from 20-40

p.s. i am renzukoun's friend

AMD R BOTTOLNEKONG? Honestly though, When my 9800GT was my primary card I had no problems in any game you listed with my Q9400, so in all honestly your processor is killing you.


Implying COD5 uses DX10

i play wit my cousin on cod5. his 9800 gt runs great. no lag.

thats fanboy talk. I have a AMD 4200+ X2 with a 8800 GS and i get better frames than these ppl.

May be, but that's clearly what the problem is.

no its clearly something wrong with the 9800 GT and those games. How can i get better frames than them with a less powerful "AMD" cpu, and less powerful videocard.

I had no problem with my 9800GT and that game. So either they have a setting on that they shouldn't or something.

Needs more cell processing. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Implying your better, when your the person asking for help!