Call of Duty: Black Ops III VRAM Consumption – Up to 10GB on Titan X

Guess there's finally a reason for the titan X to exist

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1 cod is shit
2 its eating ram because treyarch are idots


Fair enough

I actually like the Black Ops games, it would be nice if they could get it right for once on PC though.

I just wish they had done something else with BO3 rather than just copy advanced warfare and titanfail

Fuck the haters, cod is great


Was...for the first 4 iterations. After CoD 4: Modern Warfare, CoD quickly descended downhill.


Lol yeah ok

CoD WAS great. The original was a masterpiece. Great SP - unique and refreshing, great MP too. CoD 2 was good also, but when they started duplicating CoD1 maps for that, it struck me as lazy. The franchise has gone downhill ever since. It's a ridiculous game now. Just looking at the BO3 gameplay makes me cringe.

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It's sad that this game is not what it used to be. I remember way back when people hated Halo and loved CoD4 and said Halo was full of kids and CoD was a "men's game". Now they're basically just the same, oh my, how times have changed.

Original modern warfare was great, black ops 1 was pretty damn good, mw2 was mediocre, black ops 2 was mediocre, advanced warefare was god aweful, and ghosts should never be talked about. I will eventually pick up a copy of bo3 on console to play with the pleb friends, but only when its a $25 item in a used games bucket a target. Until that point, the game isn't worth my money as far as I can tell.

For me I like the idea of a game trying to utilise all the available resources in my PC. I usually don't play these sort of scripted rail shooters but I'm enjoying this one so far.

The graphics are cartoonish but detailed and probably optimised for multiplayer anyway where there's other overheads.

Anyway I'm seeing the full VRAM being used on my 980Ti and mostly it plays at a steady 60 fps (limited). I think it sometimes stumbles when loading in the background so once everybody has DIMM based storage ( 3D XPoint) everything will be peachy

I stoped playing COD games since COD 2 but a frend of mine got me a key for BO3 and boy does the game run bad..... I got an FX8350 and two GTX660ti 3gb. Settings: are all ultra/high exept shadow maping (medium) and light scatering or whatever it's caled is off (they drop frames to 20fps). In SP the frames run from 45 to 100 the MP is rather decent (frame wise) 70 to 100. The v ram usage is weird sometimes it uses 2.2gb and sometimes 3.0gb. Ram usage is at 12.5gb.
When i play BF4 at ultra i get 100+ frames.

I hated AW. Movement felt clunky which is something I really think BO3 has done well. As for titanfall, I rapidly lost interest in that game once I started reading user reviews.

My main question would be why did they suddenly change CoD now?

It should have just been black ops 2 with more weapons and gadgets

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I wish COD would create another world war 2 Shooter. I miss the old days


Could just play red orchestra

So what I am gathering from this is everyone likedbCOD when it was running in modified Quake engines but once they made their own it got bad quick.

just because the system shows it as used doesn't mean it's actually used... reserving vram in such a way could actually buff performance so long as it isn't trying to do this on lower end cards.

But COD is shit so who cares?

am here playing insurgency and loving it tbh, reminds me of BFBC2 for some reason