California Passes Internet ‘Undo’ Law For Children

On Monday, California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed a piece of 
legislation into law that would grant children under the age of 18 the legal right to have content they posted on the Internet, including tweets, photos and Facebook posts, removed if they so desired.

A California law will now permit minors to remove potentially embarrassing content they post on the Internet.


My opinion. 

My view is that you're doing the job of the parent but handing the ability to child. And that accountability is almost null because if I can remove something that I can prove will harm my reputation what will I have learned? Also theres no information on when you can exactly invoke this right. Can I invoke it when I turn 18 on older content?

I don't live in California but I found  the article interesting and flawed. I want to know you guys opinions.

Oh also here's a link to the bill

everyone already can remove shit on facebook, they don't need a law for it

The internet never forgets.  Law is stupid.

What if save the photos or tweets or what ever they post, what then a, I gonna go to jailfor reposting it.

Sigh.. Like this will do anything.

You can't delete anything from the internet. Ever.