California is making so much solar energy the rest of the country looks like a joke

California is the poster child for solar energy: in 2016, 13% of the state's power came from solar sources. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, California is in the lead for the cumulative amount of solar electric capacity installed in 2016.

In fact, the California is generating so much solar energy that it is resorting to paying other states to take the excess electricity in order to prevent overloading power lines. According to the Los Angeles Times, Arizona residents have already saved millions in 2017 thanks to California’s contribution.

The state, which produced little to no solar energy just 15 years ago, has made strides — it single-handedly has nearly half of the country’s solar electricity generating capacity. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, California reached a milestone: for a few hours, more than half the state's power needs were sourced from solar energy. This put wholesale energy prices in the negative.


Excellent. Now I want to see them build the highest water pillar in the world to store some of that excess. :slight_smile:

(alternative methods are allowed, I won't hold it against them)


Mic? Really? (Worse than Salon with aids)
Californian here.
Not nearly as good as they're making it out to be. In fact, mic is just bs propaganda. Here's a somewhat more enlightening view of our "major solar success"
and even it doesn't get everything right

Do some research and get this tabloid bull crap outa my face, it sounds good and all until you realize we get screwed constantly with insane pricing and the fact that Cali sometimes has to PAY OTHER STATES TO TAKE OUR SURPLUS!!!!

Also, Jerry Brown sucks and is destroying our economy, taxes aren't being paid, weed is a growing problem, some of the most brutal accidents I've seen this year has come from high drivers, not to mention violent crime, etc.

California is failing, have a nice day

EDIT: I should note that the reason I bring up Jerry Brown is because he's been pushing solar, regardless of if we can even handle it, this is the work of him and his kind... he was warned it was going to be unmanageable multiple times, with all his legislation he does the same crap, he goes with those who pays him the most. Recently he put a new tax on gas and gas powered vehicles... that costs me and many others an extra $1200 yearly because we can't afford electric or hybrid.
What an ass


That makes no sense. Can they not disable the panels?

I have no idea, I just posted the snippet of the article like always do.

I'm just a programmer :sunglasses:

posting something you dont know about and not prepared to converse on


how is this tech news?


"solar panels"

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so another case of "there's no real category for this so i'mma shove it in here".

i'm not advocating for DON'T POST ANYTHING NON TECH EVER EVER but this pump and dump thread bollocks is getting out of order.

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i think most people would appreciate the effort @Miguel_Sensacion, but you have to admit it's a bit much mate. why not post stuff like that in the Lounge and if enough people want to have a discussion, then make the thread?

The topics are usually posted for conversation sake. I do read the articles, and post what I like / think the community would appreciate. Several of the topics I post have been long commented on and a couple have even made it onto the Tuesday program. That i might kick in some sarcasm or banter here & there this is true as well. (Including this thread)

Solar Panels and the Energy grid is considered "Tech"

How is anything organized in the Lounge? The lounge exist for posting irrelevant topics and flaming. Have you been there lately? Nothing constructive comes out of the lounge.

Again this is Tech News. By 'Pump & Dump' and things getting out of order What do you mean by that?

Maybe there's a content filter or 'Block User & Post' option that can be made available to you?

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I'm there, every day. If you've ever been there you would not have asked that question.


This conversation on 'article posting' is going nowhere. Good bye one state in America's solar energy output?

what i mean is you've just linked an article. you haven't set up anything to discuss, you haven't offered your perspective on it, you've literally just linked an article, quoted a bit of it, and walked away.

i'm not sure why you're insisting it be A THREAD, EACH TIME. if you're [mistakenly] wary of the Lounge, why not just make one thread called Miguel's Newsdesk, and link articles there?


I think the 'Block User & Post' feature is far more efficient.

so you're basically saying rather than a simple suggestion to make the forum less cluttered, you'd prefer to keep on tossing threads out there and you'd rather people block you than trying to reach a solution that works for all parties.

i'm not sure if i can word how unreasonable that is without insults, so alrighty then. i can't stop you.


So that everyone will have to take steps to not see it all the time? Define efficiency for me, since apparently mic is called "news", solar solves everything, and since Cali is doing so great...
I must be retarded!

And yet my valid concerns and experience (living with it) were met with no response?
The conversation didn't have to die before it started, because another one was initiated?

Oh and mic is trash, just as bad as buzzfeed

yeah, thanks for the support mate, but i'd rather not get into flame wars. if he wants to carry on then i can't stop him.

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Np, agreed.
I don't like flaming either, just needed to set records straight.
Though I wish things were done differently.

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