California Headphone Co. vs Superlux 668B?

Thinking about picking up some new headphones, since the one's I have now are pretty meh(Skullcandy Fix... they were free...).

So I watched Logan's "$50 or under gaming headsets" and one of the things he mentioned was this all metal/leather pair of headphones, that are normally in the $200 range, for $50. Instantly this makes me wonder what the heck is wrong with these. Their site is still up but it's not even possible to purchase anything anymore. Did they get too over their heads with the whole thing and quit or what? Does anyone have them, or has had them for a while? Also would like to know the companies story, and why it appears they have gone belly-up.

The other option that seems to have increased in price lately is the 668B from Superlux, which everyone seems to be raving about. The only issue is that I have a fairly large head(let's say about Logan's size) and I want these to last at least a year or two, as I don't usually have a ton of money. As these would be my daily driver I'd like something sturdy, granted I take really good care of headphones usually. I just want them not to crack or anything due to my fat head. I also wear glasses, I feel that might affect things.

Both appear to be $50 now, so.

Alright, apologies. After writing this I went onto Youtube. Amazing that we have a large database of knowledge these days. Looks like they were a Kickstarter thing.

So that answers that question. Still would like to know sound quality.

I was in the middle of typeing up a praise for the CHCs and my phone quit. So this time I will just direct you to my shitty review of them.

I really like them, they are a daily work pair of headphones.


EDIT: yes CHC was a kickstarter.

Thanks for the review. Can I ask what genre(s) of music you usually listen to? I hear these are better for rock but I also listen to some electronic stuff(vaporwave, glitch-hop, etc).

I listen to everything from jazz to deep house, metal and Electronic included. I like them as a general all rounder but the high are a little crisper than usual, but it can still really kick out the bass, it just rolls over a tiny bit. Very happy with it. 

Awesome. Thanks for all the help. :D