Calibrating Monitor Problems!

Hi Guys, 


So recently I bought two Hp Pavilion 23xi IPS LED monitors ( ) 

And once I had them all set up I noticed that my primary monitor was a lot brighter than the secundairy monitor and the secundairy monitor had a yellowish tint to it. I have tried a lot of things, I have tried getting RGB colors to match, I tried to change the brightnes, contrast everything. And I still can't get it right. I am out of any ideas so maybe one of you guys can help me with this problem? 

Thanks a lot in advance!!!!

Greetings from The Netherlands

does it stays the same if you switch ports. i mean plug your secondary where your primary is and vice verso?

if the problem is the same it might be your graphics card, otherwise it might be a fold in the monitor itself.

Please post in the appropriate forum.

Oh I'm sorry man I just wanted to get this over with.. But what is the appropriate place a post like mine?