CAD on a console/pc (SteamCAD)

I've been watching the progress of SteamOS and controller for quite a while now and after reading/watching reviews on the Steam Controller (which some have dubbed the Owlpads) and can't help but feel it would be a waste if it ever only see's use in gaming, missing some potential. Don't get me wrong, I know it's a console controller by a gaming company, but it's known that the steam controller works on windows and Steam has said that this controller is hackable.

I'll assume you'd probably be wondering, "why not use something like the SpaceMouse Pro with keyboard and mouse?" My reasoning is, most if not all people play video games, even one of the doctors I worked for. Also, with games like Minecraft and Blockworlds, many people are very familiar with building things with a game pad. And those are works done with stick.

Anyways, if you look in Steam's store you'd find a program called RaySupreme 3D, but I have in mind something that would be a bit easier to use like Minecraft with selections of shapes and textures already laid out for you, all you have to do is point and trigger and there are many cases such as landscaping or house design where you really don't need to draw things from scratch. Now, I know there may not be a major advantage in using a console for CAD, but I often wonder why you don't see many CAD programs designed for the TV? Suppose you're a novice designer who's broke and you have a Big 50" TV. If you do raise enough money to buy/build a new system, why use some of the money on a new monitor? If you're doing CAD on the TV then you can work on large designs from your couch drinking beer whilst you're not really kept from taking advantage of your keyboard's 6 and a half foot long cable. If you could focus money on a larger PC or save on not having to buy a new monitor, what would your thoughts be on that?