Cache SSD worth it?

Hey guys :)

I got a SSD + HDD system. 64Gb Crucial M4 for OS/Boot and a 1Tb Samsung F3 for media/games/applications

My 1Tb drive does have a lot of applications on it, I have tried to install all programs that would lauch with OS the SSD but I couldn't get all of them (Visual studio, 3dsMax ect)

A friend did suggest to get a SSD cache drive such as Crucial Addrenaline, which I would pair up with my 1Tb drive.

Do you think it would be worth the money?
Thanks :)

If you're going to just buy another SSD, you may as well pick up a cheap OCZ Vertex 4 or Samsung 830 128gb drive and use your Crucial M4 64GB as the cache drive.

Caching isn't really worth it unless you have the 64gb ssd as a spare drive already.


I don't think you can use DataPlex with normal Crucial M4 and I wouldn't touch OCZ vertex after my past experiences with them.

Just to clear things up I want to chache my 1Tb drive. Disable the 32Mb internal and use the Crucial Adrenaline and it's chache.

More explained here

If you have to buy an extra SSD for the sake of caching, it's not worth it.

If you have an Intel Z77 or P67 board you can use any 64GB SSD for caching using Intel RST.  My bad, I had assumed you were using an Intel system that supported RST.

I do have a P67 board (GA-P67A-UD4-B3)

Buying another SSD would mean a new install, formatting my current 64 SSD to be as cache drive and reinstall everything from scratch.

The reason that SSD cache drive got my interested was the fact that it can speed up any drive I want in this case my 1Tb drive without having to change anything on my system or Reinstall the OS.

I tried to look into the intel RST but didn't find much on it, could you explain more what it is?


Wow I can't believe I failed hardcore in my last post.

  1. It's called Intel SRT, not RST.  Fucking typos
  2. P67 does not support SRT, it was Z68 or Z77.

Either way SRT was what I was thinking you were using.

Guess I can link to a video outlining SRT.

My bad with the typos and misinformation.

No wories thanks for help :)

So you think it's not worth it to use cache drive for my 1Tb drive?

Nah not really, as said you'd be best to just get a new SSD (They're getting cheaper by the day).

Instead of re-installing the OS and all other gubbins, you could just clone the drive to the new one with something like clonezilla

So replace my 1Tb with an SSD?

I might have explained myself wrong, sorry.

I don't need another SSD, I got a Crucial M4 64GB SSD that runs my OS(Win7) and few applications. I have no intentions of replacing it as I've already had few SSD's die on me. Thus I don't want to have OS+Media on the same SSD drive.

But I do have a 1Tb HDD that has my Media, Games and other Applications that I so use a lot. From few friends I heard that ussing SSD cache drive like Crucial addrenaline can really speed things up. I can buy one for £48/$77 which I don't think is too bad.