Cache frequency

Hello there.

Can anyone please tell me the default cache frequency of a 5820k please.

Thank you in advance.

cache frequency?
You do not have access to internal frequency of cache on die.
(unless you mean fsb then its 100)

You can not view nor change that frequency it is hardcoded into the processor firmware strap/bin... I also never heard anyone figure out the cache speeds.... Do you front side bus or memory controller clock?

I have a Asus X99 Deluxe and for some reason i can't set everything to auto cause the BIOS then just puts everything on weird clocks.

In the BIOS there is an option called "Target cache frequency" that is what i mean.

Sometimes when set to auto it puts it at 2400Mhz and other times 3000Mhz.
I'm trying to get everything to what it should be as default before doing any overclocking at all since i don't know that much about overclocking and want to know everything about stuff i mess with.

That is predetermined via bios overclocking profiles.. you can not change that... There is a reason you cant set that :D

You can however adjust the cache ratio. The frequency is locked too 100mhz, while the ratio is adjustable up to around x40 (safely).

Target Cache Frequency is just selecting the ratio, 2400 being 24 and 3000 being 30.

Adjusting the cache ratio over 33 provides next to no performance increase for the 5820k.