Cabling, also wait for Intel Gen4?

Before I build my PC, I'm wondering how easy/hard the cabling would be. If somebody could supply me with a guide, with preferrably a diagram, that would be great. 


Also, is it worth the wait waiting for the intel generation 4 processors in June?


By cabling, do you mean cable management, or cablesleeving?

Intel Haswell (Gen 4) will be about 10% faster than 3rd Gen. If you wanted, you could wait until Haswell comes out, and get an Ivy Bridge (3rd Gen) when they,  most likely, go on sale. In all reality, though, Haswell and AMD's newest APUs will only be important for laptops and other mobile devices.

There isn't a universal layout for cables... Find out the case you want/need then watch a ton of youtube videos on it... then use lots of zipties and make sure you don't have anything blocking your fans.