Cable vs. Powerline

I'm planning on switching from a 30 meter cable that runs across my apartment to a powerline adapter. Though I don't know good it is. So, how does powerline stack up against cable? How does it affect latency in games? Will I be able to download at the same speed.

Anyone have speedtest comparisons or something?

If you're already using a network cable then stick with it, you will only see worse performance if you switch to powerline. How fast or reliable powerline networks are depends a lot on you wiring and power quality, but even in a perfect world there will be added latency, and I'm pretty sure powerline networks are half duplex and only one device can transmit at a time, the same as wireless networks.

If you are running multiple systems through the same powerline adapter then you will get a huge drop in performance. If you only plan on running your 1 pc through it then it's not terrible. I don't have my powerline kit with me atm, but I usually get 16-20MB on cable, and 14-16 on powerline.

You wont even notice the difference.

depends how fast your internet is and how modern your electric "grid" is.

i switched from cable to powerline after my renovations and i went from +-200MB to +-150Mb. so i didn't noticed much difference. something that can make a difference of speed with powerlines is whether or not they are plugged in to the same electric "loop".