Cable Ties? Velcro, normal what?

So it's been a year since my first build and I'm upgrading my case to the corsair 760t!!!. So the case has a full side window... So I want this to be the cleanest cable managment job ever as I really didn't put alllot of effort in my first build infact barley any. So The corsair 760 comes with your standard cable ties but according to what I here velcro cable ties are the way to go. But I don't know where to buy them so just searching in amazing I found this


But it has a picture of them tying up earphone so I don't think they are for pc...

So some more searching I found more but even those they look a bit too thick and big to fit in the cable managment holes in a computer case IDK Please help me.


Important: If you are going to link me something make sure it's from the UK version of Amazon or ebay




If you have the extra money, velcro cable ties are a bit easier to use than normal cable ties , but the looks are gooing to be about the same , its about ease of use . If you want to buy them , the ones from the link are fine 

I tend to use regular zip ties and twist ties because if you have hooks for cable management like me, I feel like you will have a real struggle fitting those in. If you don't have hooks then I don't see why you should not use velcro.  

I would say both :)

The bigger packs of leads can be velcro (Eg Power supply / Hard drive cables). So down the track its easy to add more cables to the bundle. Stuff like fan leads etc can use the smallest cable tie you have to be neat and tidy and you will barely see them.

I only use 3 twist ties in my Arc Midi R2, and it looks fine. After all I can glue the cables to the back, and the build will look the same from the other side.

Use what is most comfortable for you.

These are great.

I tend to use the more traditional cable ties because it's how I first started cable managing and I'm just used to it now.