Cable Sleeving

I've seen very few modding/DIY posts so I just thought I would share my sleeving project I just completed and what I used to do it. I will also be modding the case to hold two 120mm's in the front instead of a 200mm and adding Lamptron illuminated Vandal switches instead of the ones that are stock now (Note the case I am using is a Thermaltake Level 10 GT). Probably going to get some flak for the stock cooler. I will be upgrading to a full water-loop soon and am looking at around $1000 for everything.  What am I waiting for you ask? Simple, my tax returns once "Uncle Sam" gives me back what I am owed I will start the process.  If you want me to log my progress or post the final product let me know and I will. If you have any questions just ask or PM me. Enjoy!

Sorry in advance for the shoddy pics as I don't own a point and shoot only a crappy cell camera.

The Guide I made to create my color scheme (feel free to use it to figure out your own scheme):

The color scheme I chose:

The Sleeving I am using is MDPC  B-Magic, Black, and White:


Custom made PSU Power Cable (Using Oyaide- Male three prong plug 'P-037' and the Female IEC plug 'C-037') :


Before Cable sewing:

After cable sewing:


Wow that looks amazing. Share more pics when you start working on the loop. 

Damn Sam - that is wicked cool.  How much time into it?

Looks amazing... but .. DAT STOCK COOLER. 

@N128CG- Thanks. I will be sure to make an updated blog post when I undergo the water loop.

@Viking Lord- I got about 40hours to complete the cables but, essentially they are all custom made and taking the time to evenly cut the wires to exact lengths and crimp them took patience and a good bit of the time.

@BeyondNight-  Haha, yeah I know it is not only an eyesore but also performance killer. I figured why waste money on an air cooler I would only use for a few months, but then that turned into about a year hitting finance snags and now here i am almost ready to add my water loop.

Curiosity, what case are you using? 

Thermaltake Level 10 GT.

Hey man! I've sent you some messages before pertaining to your experiences with MDPC, but this is about the training with the cable stitching. What did you use to, and how did you stitch them that well? It looks fantastic!

Secondly, how long did you leave your cables in the stitching (and obviously still have them in it) until they were trained to your liking?

Completely blown away by this.