Cable Sleeving

I don't know if this is the right spot for this since there is no spot on this fourm for modding of any sort. Either way it has to do with the construction of a personal computer so this is the best I can do. I just ordered a sleeving starter kit with all of the tools and what not. The kit is the Mod/Smart Pro Kobra Sleeving kit. I understand that I will not have enough sleeving to do every cable one by one so my question is how much sleeving in feet will I need to do every cable individually? Also, where should I buy the extra sleeving? Thanks a lot.

Not sure how much sleeving your wanting, but the one listed on Amazon has 30 ft. of sleeving, which should be more than enough. You do realize that you would be covering/sleeving bundles of wires, right? Not each wire that there is.

Well thats what I'm wondering, how much sleeving I will need to sleeve every single cable. Thanks for the help but I cant order that, I'm in Canada and it is not on the Canadian amazon.

Well you'll have to see what you get as far as sleeving. You might have to do some mod work to the PSU to fit the extra space needed to allow the sleeving to enter into the PSU case, so be aware of that ahead of time. Also, depending on your PSU, you will have different lengths of cables. I would imagine that you shouldn't need more than 2-2 1/2 feet per cable, but I haven't done a re-sleeving of a PSU before.

Found a link for you to look at about cable lengths. Obviously this is for Corsair PSU's, but it should give you an idea.

Thanks a tun man I found the same thing for my psu ( ) I didn't know that these specs were out there.

Glad I could help. Come back when your done and show a before and after pictures, so we can learn from your experience :)

I Haz Christmes prsnt 

Canadian Water cooler reatiler with some other mod stuff, and instead of packages you can buy it by the foot, also if you hop over to the Hardware Canucks forums and have any specific questions you can ask there and theres a pretty decent chance hell reply.

Perfect, I think I'll go with that most likly and Yeah I'll post pictures for sure.

That would be great! I haven't done any sleeving on my rigs (not that I couldn't), but it's nice to see before and after pics!