Cable Management!

Alright guys so i decided to take an hour or two out of my day yesterday to prepare my rig for my HOF 780 that will be coming in tomorrow by doing a bit of cable management and tidying up.

Here is a before pic 


Here is the after pic


 What do you guys think? I know the pics are a bit dark but any pointers our do i seem to have done decently enough to deserve that 780 in my case ;) Don't yell at my sagging graphics card. There is nothing i can do and i am getting rid of it soon for something i can fit in a pc-tu200b case.

LOL! Need a brighter photo or cant see shit wrong?

haha yeah, too dark man.

Whoops sorry about that i have my monitor on a slightly darker setting so i sorta don't realize when things are actually too dark. Thanks for saving me the trouble of retaking the pic!

Cable Management looks good in both....i just like mine functional and out the way i dont strees to much about it....i cant see it with a solid case side anyway :P

That graphics card's PCIe port looks... bent?

Its that card due to it being in my first build that had some pretty tight cables... Hasn't blown up yet so it should last a few hours until my 780 gets here XD