Cable extensions

so my new desk setup is a little bigger than my old setup and im wondering if dvi video cable extenders would degrade the picture quality or im also wonderign if getting completely new cables would be better


im mostly trying to clear up desk space which my current desktop is doing my current dvi cables are kinda short barely 2.5 ft i would say



also wondering if extending cable would also go bad with extending usb (mouse) and ps2(keyboard) cables

Getting cable extensions should be fine, any degredation will be minimal at most. I'd be surprised if you noticed anything. Though, it never hurts to buy new cables every once in a while.

Monoprice makes DVI cables up to 30ft, so you should be fine.  I personally need to order longer cables, kind of tired of 6ft power cables that I can't route or hide.  Same for my DVI cables.

thanks for the tips and stuff, except now im having ideas of wanting to integrate the computer with the desk hmmm maybe another build down the road