Cabbage. Its not just for nursery rhymes

I love cooking. I mean, I am a cast iron skillet snob.
So. Today I did cabbage. Cabbage, is a wonderful veg... its damned good for you, tastes awesome, provides moisture, and well... its cheap.
Take cabbage head. Quarter. Cut the quarters if you want, into eighths.
Oh, take the outside leaves off first and toss into your garbage or compost.
Toss in 2 Kielbasa sausage rings. Cut 'em up even, or don't.. its your choice.
Toss in a stick o' butter. Zalt undt pepper.
Cover over simmer.
walk away.
Come back in 45 minutes. Stir.
When the cabbage has basically wilted a bit and separated its done.
Goes best with cornbread.
Most recipes use a skillet, I like a tall pot. less burny problems.

Forgot. Core the cabbage. That core is not bad, just not friendly.
But, its also tastey.
Eat it raw with your favorite dip. And I don't mean someone in plaid polyester.

You forgot hamburger meat

I use the long, curved kielbasa sausage.