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C64/C128 Hardware + Software Collection


So anybody still have anything from this classic 8-bit days ?

I still have working units stored away in boxes, but I think I’m missing the C128-D model from my collection.

I do have other bits like all the Floppy Drives, 1541 + 1571 + 1581 and one of the old GPIB interface models.

I bet Wendell knows what that is :wink:

Even older PET models too but these were not when I started collecting CBM stuff, it was back in the Vic-20 days.

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Only 8 bit one i had was a Tandy TRS-4P I think
Anyway the guy moved into collecting mechanical calculators and for 50 bucks I got the Tandy and a huge stash of software including both TRS-Dos and CP/M operating systems.
Almsot forgot I has a Apple IIE also, played with it a lil but it just didn’t have the apeal of the TRS-4

The Tandy keyboard was a nightmare by the time I got it.
sadly all gone