C2750 for Counter Strike GO server


I'm part of a cs:go team and happen to take on the role of running all the servers. I recently have been using 3rd party hosting for our skrims and training as we need a good quality 128 tick server but found that they are often lacking with Hit Reg issues.

I've also been looking for a server that's fairly low power && mainly low noise so i can keep it in my house for my homelab and recently came across the C2750 with 8 cores and 2.4ghz with max tdp 20w. Its in:http://www.anandtech.com/show/8040/gigabyte-server-launches-new-c2750-miniitx-and-2p-atx-lga2011, and some gigabite mobo's aswell.

Now my question is: would this work as a counter strike go server for semi pro play? is there a better alternative?


I ran my CLIENT and my 128TICK MIX CS:S SERVER with a AMD ATHLON X2 250 same time
paired with RADEON HD 4870 and 2GB OF RAM.

And even with a pentium laptop, but it was not that stable as you can imagine :P

You are better off with power and noise for C2750.
 Its really awesome!

But for the money you can run it fine with crappy hardware or rack.


I thought it would suffer from single thread performance, Sweet!

I hope you are still reading this.

Check out AMD Athlon 5350

  • It's FREAKING $55
  • 4-cores | 2.05GHz
  • has TDP of 25w
  • It has value oriented motherboards starting ~ $35
  • comes with a tiny cooler
  • fully upgradable in the future

for more info: http://www.amd.com/en-us/products/processors/desktop/athlon#

 However, internal graphics doesn't benefit anything as in dedicated server.

  • Here's what i came up with: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/yLtVD3


AM1 would work, as suggested, its a great value. But if you have the money for the 8 core rig-- you will be able to run multiple virtual servers on the same box, even for different games. It depends on what you want. If its just one CS:GO server, the AM1 rig will be fine 

I think ill probably go with the atom, Mainly so i can rack mount it to make it pretty. Also boards with the c2750 usually come with 5 nic's so it could make for some fun.

Thanks Both!

You can rack mount anything you want to. Plus its 4 NIC's, one is an management port for IPMI and incapable of passing traffic generated by the OS.

The atom is a great chip, you will be able to do alot more than just host one CSGO server