C: missing 30GB

Hey, a friend of mine and I have been wondering about how all the folders on my C: SSD make about 40GB and my 128GB SSD has about 111GB of usable space but it says that only 40,9GB are free.

40,9GB free + 40GB used= 111GB??? Where are the missing 30GB?

Have you gone into folder options and checked unhide system files and also disabled system restore? 

They round memory capacity.

Hit Windows key+Pause|Break then go to system protection. Click Configure and then delete existing restore points. You may also have Windows.old files from a previous windows installation. If this doesn't work go to Start, type disk cleanup and wait for it to load then click clean system files. Then check everything you want to be cleaned.

Also see if you have any partitions, right click on computer and go on manage then go on disk management and delete any empty free partitions.


If its 30 gigs its probably your OS installed on that SSD the windows OS takes an obsurd amount of storage. Plus what ROK said the hard drive capacity is rounded so if you say for example have an advertised one terabyte hard drive. When you actually check it out on your computer it may say 998gbs of storage.

If you have 8gbs of ram thats 8gbs of hdd space eaten up if you have a hibernation enabled thats more space eaten up ect ect.

Have a look here http://www.overclock.net/t/1156654/seans-windows-7-install-optimization-guide-for-ssds-hdds

It will show you how to optimise your ssd and grab back the space windows hides from you for crap it whants to do.

The hibernation file could be eating up to 20 GB on your system.  Try using spacesniffer to see exactly where the space is being used.

I will try using spacesniffer and windows is deleting my restore points for about 15 mins now...

I got a 128 gig ssd and it says that 111 gigs are usable the rest being for that ssd protection stuff whatever it is called.

my windows folder on C: is about 19 gb big. And I can see all hidden folders, but they are quite small

ok, so spacesniffer has just finished. the biggest diskusers are pagefile.sys 15.9 gb and hiberfil.sys 11.9 gb and then about 7.5 gb of appdata

I suppose that hiberfil is the hibernation file?

pagefile.sys 15.9 gb = page files (you have 16gbs of ram installed remove or make the pagefile smaller)

hiberfil.sys 11.9 gb = disable and remove hibernation like i allready showed you here.


ok thanks guys. I will let my friend try this first, since he has only 11 gb of space and I have 40 gb free. We just want to install Battlefield 4 on our SSDs to make the loading times shorter and always win "get to the chopper" :P