Hello Guys,

 I wondered if someone could help me?  I’m doing a clean-up of my hard drive and I’ve noticed a folder in the root of my C:\ (my main boot drive) called c:\lang and it has in it C:\lang\english\sldadminoptioneditorresu.dll as well as other dll’s corresponding to other languages.  (FTI I'm running windows 7 home premium).


I cannot seem to find anything ‘useful online’ when googling the name of the DLL, certainly nothing I would also qualify as being trustworthy.


Does anyone know what application would have put that folder there? Or what it is?


Any ideas anyone ?  /Thanks

As the dll doesnt reside in a windows system map, it wasnt a dll part of your OS, but it was a dll of some random program that was installed.

I would Kill it with fire with an orbital gun.

I am assuming you have done a find in regedit?

Also, look in msconfig to see if it is being accessed at startup

Upload the DLL's to Virus Total and see what the signatures match


The location sounds suspicious, if you haven't installed anything there (exe file in that folder) then I'm calling Malware or RAT. Send the files and see what Virus Total says.

If you want me to take a look at them, upload them to Google Docs in a password protected Zip and post the URL & extract password here.

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback,  I'm going to do Homeless's suggestion right now. 

Well according the Virustotal, the file seems to be harmless:  *not sure if this link will work*

<a hreft="https://www.virustotal.com/en-gb/file/e6f7a41d65db0c1eb6b1f9789342ab85c3efde874d269a7ffe2bc50fb1e9c97b/analysis/1381618234/">Report</a>

I have a sneaking feeling that its roadkill from an microsoft update,  they seem to be running very frequently on my machine.  But then again, I don't reboot my machine for weeks.  Well months....

For the moment I've renamed the folder with _lang,  planning to do a reboot and see if anything explodes.   The fact that it's let me rename the folder is positve, as it would indicate that windows hasn't put its sticky mits all over it!


Thanks for that VirusTotal link,  thats a pritty awesome site!