C.H.I.P. The $9 Computer Ships Next Month

The chip computer complete with a 1gHz R8 processor, half a gig of RAM, 4 gigs of storage, and on board bluetooth 4.0 and wireless ships this June. Its price is $9 and they are already making accessories like the Pocket Chip which adds a keyboard and touch screen all fit into a case. I want to hear your thoughts on this. Here's the link to their website https://getchip.com/.

Their website looks really fucking stupid.

Yes, strap it to your face! GENIUS DOLLARZ

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The website reminds me of tech commercials with soul crushing "happy" music and random people smiling.

Nice little product though. Like a rpi that is actually small enough to be usable on gadget projects.

You do understand that is a user created idea of using it as a vr headset similar to the early nintendo ones. Thats not their main marketing campaign. If you are not interested in spreading and supporting DIY then please dont discourage others here or anywhere else.


You can have your own opinions and say what you think but dont tell others to not go out and do something because you didnt like it without trying it. I mean its nine fucking dollars for Christs sake most likely if you can afford to be on this forum (bills + computer) you probably have and extra $9

Is this the link to the device in the headline?


Looks like a project from 2015 (7 years ago) that never shipped.

yep and this thread is nearly 7 years old
please mind thread dates and don’t necro