C Drive Imaging Software?

So I’m wanting to build a rig with six 256GB SSD's in RAID0. I don’t care if I have to reinstall the OS if something fails but I still want to back up my data. In order to do so I plan to put two 3TB mechanical drives in it to hold a few uncompressed image copy’s of the entire C drive. The problem is I don't know of a program that can make uncompressed image copy's the C drive on a regular basis. So my question is what program could I use and where do I get it, preferably one that can be set to do so on its own and is free.

Have you thought about just syncing the data from the SSD's to the Harddrive?

With a program like Synctoy from Microsoft you can set in the task scheduler when de sync must happend. So if your SSD RAID Fails, you can just reinstall the operating system en copy the files back to ther original place.

Synctoy would work for keeping a single backup but part of my point is that I want to be able to keep a few days of backups but Synctoy only keeps a backup of the newest files and from what I can tell doesn’t keep multiple archives.

Well if you want to make an image of your C:, you could just use clonezilla live CD to make a system image of just you C: drive, and store the image on one of your 3TB drives.

 Otherwise I would just you something like windows backup&restore or robocopy and choose the files/folders that you want to back up.