C++ beginners book recommendations?


I have recently picked up C++ to learn as my first language! I have already found a great book for learning programming and C++; Principals and Practice using C++ written by Bjarne Stroustrup.

However, I was wonder if they're are any other good books for learning C++ and programming concepts in general.

Thanks for any feedback!

I know it sound cliché but c++ for dummies is a good book. The book outlines many c++ properties and introduces them in an easy to understand way. They also use side notes for important things and the tone of the book is great. What i mean by "tone" is the wording isn't over complicated and bland, but more light and funny.


Hope i was of some help

Beginning C++ Through Game Programming, Third Edition

Michael Dawson


It's a really good book. You can find it at Barnes & Noble for about $30. It layers topics onto each other at a nice pace. It also assumes you have no prior knowledge so it starts from the bottom. Great for learning. 

C++ Without Fear

The book you have is a decent introduction to programming using c++. I don't see the point in grabbing a book like C++ without fear or beginning c++ through game programming after going through the book you have. You should be beyond the intended audience for those books by then. You should be looking to follow up with a really detailed coverage of the language to drive things in or to move on to more advanced topics using what you have learned.

I have said it a million times before, and I will say it again.  Get the Gentoomen Library.

If you're dutch I can send you a .pdf we got at school with the basics. (containers, pointers, loops,..)