Bypassing "Survays" ... Help needed

Ok, so I am fairly new to this and have been looking on google for various methods ... none of them work.

Basically I want to bypass the survay here:


"Regular download" brings up a survay ... that I just can't get rid of.
I know hos to bypass the survays that appear on a site where the download links are already on screen (aka inspect element > remove concerned blocks > profit) ... but here, I am lost.

So how would you bypass that survay, and can you please give me the steps to follow so I can do it myself. Thanks in advance to anyone capable of helping ^^ 

Don't be fooled, they're nearly always a scam. There is no way of bypassing the surveys, the site probably isn't legitamate, and the file you're trying to download is probably a hoax too. Don't waste your time, they're stupid things.

you can view the page source code, but i can almost guarentee that the file that is wanting to be downloaded will be started from a javascript... which means you will not be able to find the download link. however, if you look at the url you should see "" so you can go ahead and try to send POST's to the php file, trying to make it think you compleated the survay... however it will probubly expect a code that says it was sucessfuly downloaded. so... it would be very hard to get arround it unless you hade the source for offerset.php infront of you...


now, the file your trying to download "wifi_pass_hax0r" is a virus. ok? so dont download it. if its a WEP, look into backtrack, aircrack-ng, airmon-ng, and airecap-ng (all of which are included in backtrack). if its wpa / wpa2... it will take a very long time to crack (you can try a word list which will take at most 15-30 minutes, but brute forcing will take weeks to months using gpu's). ask any security related questions on here.. me and a few others (boov, giga, qain, etc..) know our shit.

Well, the guy uploaded the "tool" ... so after download I get the .rar containing the tool that is password protected and a .txt file with the above mentioned link. Link that leads to that site where I need to do the survay in order to download yet another .txt file that will contain the password.

Yeah ... complicated

I should probably be looking into cracking the .rar file password instead of waisting my time with that site, but somehow my brain refuses to let it go ... I am stubborn when I start something I always finish it.

Not to mention, the simple fact of having that knowledge would be a win for me as I am trying to learn stuff on my own, so if you know how to bypass it, would be cool. If not, well thanks for the help and redirection ... I am happy to see that this is a mature community of helpfull people. So rare these days on community forums ! So thanks again ^^


Edit: Thanks ztrain for your help ^^

At 0.03kb, the file seems too good to be true, isn't it?

yeah, as i said... very complex thing to crack that. also, the reason he wants you to download that is because he gets money. and chances are the fole inside the rar is a crapy gui made in visual basic that looks like a "hacking tool" with an encrypted virus bound to it (look up file encryption and win 32 dynamic memory forking if you want to see how it works)

anyway... if you dont want to listen to my warning, or if you want to create a vm, and open the rar inside of that so you can see if you can hex edit the virus and fuck with the guy, *cough* *cough*

ps. if you want to learn security auditing, dont download tools off of learn how the stuff works, and think about how to get arround it. im not saying dont use premade tools, as there is no need to re invent the wheel... but it helps to know why the wheel is round. also, get comforatable with linux and the terminal.

I am not "not listening" to your warning, if anything I am ... you are by far more experienced than I am as I am a newbee.
I am mainly intrested in learning how to do stuff like that.

Anyway, thanks for your time, will leave it alone and follow your advise, and learn about security auditing.

if theres anything oyu dont understand, just ask.

also, anything you are not sure about, run inside of a VM.

Would you know a site that would get me started ?

I am really intrested in learning, even if it's something I will never use, I just love learning ^^

well, what do you want to learn exactly?

if you want to reverse applications (bypass cd key checks, and such) you need to learn asembly, learn how to use IDA, and how programs work on a mashine leve... so knowing C would be a big help.

if you want to learn about website security, you need to learn mysql, some php, how to do sql injections, how cookies work, POST vs GET, and stuff like that.

if you want to exploit stuff like wifi / the opperating system, you need to learn what hashes are, asemetric vs semetric encryption, how windows deals with login information (lm hashes, ntlm hashes)... um... how networks work (like man in the middle attacks, how ssl and https works). lots of understanding how things work, and then how the tools work to break the security (like sslstrip)

Well, I would love to learn how to exploit stuff ...

Is all this something you can learn on your own, following information found on specialised sites, or do you have to study in specific branches ... ?

Well to answer your question you cam use XJZ Survey Remover.  It does not work on everything, but some at least.  You can add it as an extension on either Chrome or Firefox, but you need to "validate" it which cost $5.  Or you can just add the code as a bookmark, which is what I have done.


Kiyuubi - XJZ doesn't work on sites like sharecash and fileice... it's mainly for HTML embeds that have javascript overlays.


P5ykoOHD - "exploit stuff" is a very broad term. If you want to get access to websites, there's a ton of pretty good training missions at If you just want to do like keylogging/password stealing/packet sniffing/windows exploits, just download metasploit lol

"Exploit stuff" ... yes, I agree with you on the fact that it is a very broad term ...

So, I would like to learn on how to bypass passwords, logins and various other things like that ... I don't want to do "evil" with it, more or less be capable of avoiding bullshit, and not having to give info in order to access stuff that nobody should be paying for ... in other words: survays

I guess I would also enjoy bypassing passwords just for the sake of bypassing them ... for the "challenge".

So yes, getting access to sites, without harm. I don't want to do evil, just have fun. And also get access to wifi connexions if needed (If I happen to travel (which I do alot)) I would like to not need to pay for a connexion or anything just to check my emails and stuff ... I don't want to leech someones connexion by downloading stuff ... 

i've used it before, on the sites it does work on, it will just bring you back to the survey anyways

You may be interested in this as somewhat of a starting point: