BYOPC: $215 Home Theater PC

I also forgot to note the operating system. I would highly recommend XBMCbuntu. I often use it. It can also do 4K video playback fairly decently. I was able to playback 4K video on the h-264 codec on my Dell latitude D530, which has a Core 2 Duo T7250. The CPU on this motherboard should be able to do the same.

I've been thinking of building a HTPC recetnly.Thanks for rekindling the interest :)

You're welcome. If you need any help let me know or just post in the forums

A build similar to this should work well for say, my 80 year old grandmother for web browsing, no? I would probably throw XP on it for her. She is still using something like a 700mhz cpu with 512mb of ram.

That would work very nicely! You can put Zorin OS on it. It's like Windows. But on linux

Awesome, thanks man.

Not a problem! One thing I like about linux, it's virtually idiot proof