Bye bye console

since both the ps4 and the xbox one are going to charge you for online gaming, i thought this would be a great time to finally go to pc. but i don't know a lot about building pc's, so here is my question:

what is the best budget budget gaming pc that you know of today?

and here's a bit of information:

budget: around 300 euro's (yeah real budget)

i'm going to use it mostly for gaming.

i live in the netherlands in europe.

i don't need amazing ultra high, i coming from console where almost everthy is medium/ low

i already have 2 old hdd ( 80gb and 160gb ) they're small, but they can be a future upgrade.

i also have a cpu cooler, but i think this isn't  a part in most budget pc's 

and i have already a copy of windows 7

300 euros is unreasonable. ~360 is doable but for ~420 it's going to be way better. 

isn't 300 euro about 500 usd? He has windows, the hdds, and cpu cooler so theres a decent chunk of the budget already freed up.

For 360 euros you can build a PC based on FX-6300 and HD7770 or 7750. 

For 420 you can get 7850 instead. 

That is considering that HDD is not required. 

And why would anyone pay for windows anyway?

Or how about for 300 he an get this build which can play any new game at 1080p on medium-high settings.

Total After MIR: £294.44

would anyone suggest a APU build in dual GPU for this sort of budget as my lil brother wants a pc for the same price

Depends what kind of FPS he wants, Bf3 ultra 1080p gives 30 fps I have seen - I used deutchland prices.. I figures it was closer geographically... I hope you can find better prices and availability in your region.

This is a little over budget, but the ram is well worth it. This is something that you will be wanting to upgrade in graphics, but it will get you going... Like stated before, I would highly recommend saving up a bit more for something a bit more future proof and worth while.

**Key note - Euro to USD exchange rate doesnt convert well when buying international products due to trade agreements, taxes, and tariffs... I found that in most cases its about a 1 to 1 ratio in overall system builds.

You could save even more money by getting some RAM clocked slower and then overclock it yourself.

It's what I did. For me it was atleast $10 delta.

From my personal experience with an A10-5800k+HD 6670 setup, I say no, I would only use an APU for a general purpose or htpc build (or older games and emulators). You can play stuff like minecraft or any sorce game on that setup but if you want to play anything that is new it will have very poor performance.