Bye Bye 7970 Matrix Platinum

So im going to have to get rid of my 7970 Matrix platinum card (Crazy loud on load). Its been running stock since day one (the horror) and now im in the market for another card to play 1080p on a single monitor. I can't afford much on top of the its making me look at 280x or 770. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Chin Chin


The 280 is a great card for single monitor gaming as well. If its predecessor was anything to go by,they will overclock like hell and give you significant boosts.

Not familiar with the nvidia line as much but i think the amd cards should be cheaper now that the cryptocurrency craze is dying.

The 280x would perform almost identically to your 7970 since the 280x is just a rebadged 7970 with a clock boost. Unless you're getting rid of your 7970 because of the noise, you're going to have to start looking at R9 290s/GTX 780s to have any performance increase.

If it is just because of the noise, you could look at installing an aftermarket GPU cooler.

Not really looking for an upgrade per say (no cash). More of a sidestep!

I'd go with the 280X. It is a 7970 GHz Edition. You can find them for fairly cheap right now even with a decent cooler. I believe NewEgg has an XFX DD one right now for $250. You could even get a better one with a nicer cooler only a little more. 

A 280X or hell even a 280 (7950), will be completely adequate for single.monitor 1080p gaming. 

Don't go with the 770. Stay away from all nVidia cards right now. The AMD card is faster and usually cheaper at every price point where they compete.