Buzz with new graphics card

Sound starts at about 12 seconds.

It's a KFA2 (Galax) GTX 970. I got this card a month ago and returned it because I thought it was coil whine. Got the replacement today, exact same sound.

It only buzzes when I'm playing a demanding game. If I'm playing a less demanding game it doesn't buzz. I just started up GTA V when I recorded this.

Unfortunately, from what I understand, this is a common issue with these cards. As reportedly they have various noise issues from their "super high quality" components. I don't own one, nor have I seen one in person. I don't know if there is a fix for something like this, but I would assume it is either the fans or conductors, also don't take my total word for it because I still do not know a lot about GPUs and such.

It sounds like a fan wobbling to me, but it's probably coil whine. Very loud coil whine...

I watched a review on this card a while back and I recall it mentioning something like this. I would say your card is fine from what I remember it was very loud.

@LinuxForYou Think I might return it if that's that case. Get a card from a different manufacturer.

Exact same card, exact same buzz...

I've been running furmark for an hour and the noise has either reduced or I'm toning it out.

There is nothing you can do really. All 970s have coil whine issues, as in all manufacturers have the same problem. I got a G1 gaming card and it had bad whine, didn't even bother RMAing it, didn't want to get another whining card. Got a 290x and couldn't be happier.