Buying used 7950 ($130)

Hey guys. Like the title says. Looking to buy a used 7950 for $130. 

This includes shipping costs.

Buddy if you find one for that price..... TAKE IT AND RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They sell new for 180. 130 for a used card is very reasonable.

You won't get one for $130 for a while, they are still going for $200+ used on ebay. will take awhile for the price drops to hit the second hand market, as the people who have just picked them up for the lower $200's won't be selling them right away. 

I can hope. :c

I really want to do crossfire.

/never had the luxury before

Try to win an auction on ebay maybe?

If you go on ebay and click on advance (next to the search button) you can search for "Completed listings" and see what stuff has been selling for. 

most the 7950's iv seen under $180 have been "untested" "no returns" "sold as seen" cards......that said you may well grab one if you keep a eye out! 

good luck! 

where in the hell are you finding these prices!!!!

i want to know. sounds too good to be true

After MIR.

^Here's some I found on Ebay.  Good luck

Thanks. I bid on one. :P

I sold my 6950 (albeit a nice one) for $130 PLUS shipping in June (less than 3 months ago). I saw a nice 7950 (XFX dual dissipation) for $230 recently. 

You do not get a real discount for used graphics cards. People buy and sell so much that they really do not get an advantage. Especially with the XFX cards with transferable lifetime warranties. People will actually pay MORE for those than the new ones.

I bought a 6950 for $20 once

$234 for a new xfx card after MIR. 

I'm not asking ebay or second hand buyers. 

I'm asking the people of TekSyndicate. Who (Should) Know the correct value of what a used card should be.

If you paid $170 you be lucky. $130 not gonna happen. I sold a used 7870 for $170 buy it now on ebay a month ago, and that was cheap considering other prices.

They sell NEW for 179.99. 

And last month they were $300. 

So. Yeah.


I'd say my 7950 is worth about $150. But I would feel terribly ripped off if I sold it for that.

Even though you may not be completely off on your suggested used price, it's not gonna happen in my opinion.

Just buy that MSI one before the sale is up.

Then i sold my 7870 just on time =). My 5870 runs better. On another note, Radeon has horrible drivers for their 7000 series.