Buying Tires

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I'm buying new tires for my car, any advice?

Michelin Super Sports are the most popular chhoice.

But there's also Nittos and Conti ExtremeContacts, among any others.

Before all these suggestions, what type of driving will be doing ?

To and from work. City streets.

Continental or Michelin are allways good choices.
My dad has currently PirelliĀ“s but he isnt that happy with it.
And i personaly dont like them either.

I'm looking at these Yokohama Parada Spec-X (265/50-20)... thoughts?

Which pirellis?

We just put pirelli cinturato p7 tires on our toyota avalon and they are absolutely fantastic.

I was talked out of the extreme contact tires because they do not wear very evenly and they make a lot of noise.

None of it matters anyways because no one really makes 20 inch tires.

Is this a truck or an SUV?

depending on your car.
if your after cheap but good tires have a look at federal 595 rs-r's

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I'll take the contact tires tip... thank you

Thanks for the lead, look like great tires. If I was racing (which would be cool) these would work great! But, I am simply driving to a from work. I live a very simple life.

not sure which pirelliĀ“s need to look into it wenn day light.
They are on a merc, they are very flat 18 inch i think,
but they produce allot of rolling noise.
And dont feel that grippy on wet roads.

i put them on all of my cars since they work great in the dry and well in the wet.

however, I do race in time attack events, hill climbs and gymkhana.. and it doesn't rain much here.. even so, good all rounders for the cost. Have pretty descent wear on them also.

I am a big fan of the Hankook Ventus V12 Evo. It is an excellent tire at an affordable price.

Hankook and Kumho would be my pick, since you get a very good tire for a reasonable price. That is for summer tires.
Winter tires are something different, i'd still go with a premium brand such as continental, michelin.

Bridgestone Pole position S-04 is what I currently have and love, they are basically the same as the Hankook ventus V12 Evo's

I have a version of these on my wife's murano and they are wearing great and have good wet traction. Snow traction is marginal and they are loud.

i suppose that topic starter allready boaght a set of new tires after a year.
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