Buying The 780 Today Soooooooo

   Ok so today I am getting the last bit of my money together to buy THIS 780. I would get the evga version but I'm a sucker for LEDs. I'm not going amd this time because I use premier pro to edit and render and i need cuda. I have been doing a fair amount of research on the HOF 780 but is there anything I should know before buying the single most expensive item I will own? I just want some last minute reassurance! 

780 ti is maybe something to think about for you? It was a recent enough announcement I'm sure you heard of.


Could impact prices for you.

Yeah its sorta been on my mind but i would hate to wait any more than a couple of weeks to get one of those cards.

probably the worst timeing to buy one but.......

I agree. Probably the worst time to buy one. Wait a few more weeks.

AMD's new cards might bring the price of the 780 down. Not only that, but AMD's flagship card appears to beat the 780 quite easily, and at a cheaper price.

Now im thinking i should wait a week to see what unfolds, but if nothing then im gunna dish out the money.

Newegg usually gives you some of your money back if the price drops recently enough, so just wait like three weeks.

People told me that it was a terrible time to buy my 780 but if you dont, you are going to be stuck waiting. Sure, It hurt when I heard about the 780 ti but honestly, if you get a 780 now with a very good cooler, it will overclock well beyond any stock single gpu card for some time. I benchmarked mine next to a mate who is running a 7990 and well, My 780 came out on top. 

People have been talking about a price drop for 2 months now, AMD is taking its time releasing its titan killer and Nvidia just increased the stakes with the ti. I say just get a good 780 now, By the time its not performing as well as other mid-high end cards, grab a second one and boost the performance.

+1 to this get every damn dollar worth

also, if you wait you'll get the new nvidia bundle!

thats only with iron egg stuff and there's hardly any products that have that.

Don't you hate it when other people graphics cards cost more than your damn computer? Cuz it I really hate it, but yeah I'm super jelly you have it. :D

Live off of cup o noodle for a while, or have a crappy computer...I chose the cup o noodle. 

I personally like going to the T&T Asian Market and buying Ramen for $0.15 per serving!

The 780ti release could also drop the price of the 780 a bit. 


Edit: should have read on... This has been said. 

+1 wait a fortnight. 

For those waiting for the 780 TI, or just got a 780, heard about the TI and was devastated, don't be. Because if the leaks are true, it's a step under the Titan, which the 780 is already...and one can get Titan performance if they overclock. But like others have said, it may drop the price of the regular 780 so there's that.

Would have loved to get the games bundle

Whats this game bundle you speak of?

I believe it is the latest Batman, latest Splinter Cell, and the lastest Assassin's Creed.