Buying Stock in Linux

Seeing so much Windows hate recently is making me wonder if we are nearing the steady rise in Linux computing. I was starting to wonder if it would be worth buy stock in something like Red Hat.

I've never bought stock before but it was just a thought.

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Well if you think this is a good idea, then by all means do it. However, consider that stock are much more than X performs better than Y.

Sadly, analysts opinions count as well and the stock is affected by over or underperforming to what they predicted.

I don't think linux will ever surpass windows, but I do think they will see a fairly decent rise in popularity, it might be a way to make some decent cash.

People tend to complain about things without raising a finger to change their behavior. The average joe may complain about Microsoft's overbearance but until Linux can be made into an operating system that is far, far, far superior to Windows in every way, shape and form, with support for absolutely everything that everyone could ever need, I don't think Linux will get that far. It may happen, I can certainly see a future where Linux overtakes Windows in compatibility, but it doesn't have the presence in the market to really take flight.

Especially since Microsoft has an almost absolute monopoly on the operating systems of desktop and laptop computers in all consumer electronics stores, at least in the United States. People just aren't exposed to Linux enough to know that it even exists, let alone adopt it over Windows. Even though it's free and open-source, and that over half of them carry some form of Linux or Unix on their phone.

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I wouldn't buy stock in anything related to Linux. Remember, it's for the most part, a free product. Companies like Redhat and Canonical make money from support and services.

If you want to buy into Linux, Amazon is probably as good of a bet as any.

People want linux to be more widely adapted for desktops, but as soon as a company buys up a distro people start to hate on it... cough cough Canonical. There is no winning over some Linux users.

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In my opinion, the best thing you can do to get the most out of Linux is to study it and use it. Because even though it may be far off, at some point it will be a major player. The experience you'll gain from it is imo worth more than money that you may or may not get from trading stocks over the next 5-10 years.

in order for linux to get big adoption it would need a directX to vulkan compatability layer, to standardize on a binary (ex:rpm,deb,apk) and a gui frontend for the terminal so people don't need to hunt down/remember all the commands to fix a problem.

sad but all true, but about Red Hat stock, All i know some governments in Europe are experimenting with it. Not sure if it will have big impact on there stock, but am not good with stocks and all.

Linux is already the most widely used operating system in the world, what are you guys talking about?

Well its scary how many people don't know that, but then again Watson our overlord will have a copy of the Linux handboox and he can easily take over our backbone servers and the humans are OMG we don't even know a basic terminal command out of our heads to change directory :o

Red Hat seems to be widely used in Europe, or at least in parts of it. They're doing well.

It's growing but question was if it will sky rocket there stocks and no expert on that sadly, but yeah i see preferred Red Hat expertise on local IT jobs @ Law enforcements.

I would check with a financial advisor first.

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