Buying retro games in a box online?

Hello, I have just bought 5 awesome used games for my PS2. And I really feel like begin collecting retro games and game consoles for my shelf. But I have few inquiries.

It seems on ebay atleast the correct search term is game lot. For instance "PS2 lot" "Snes lot", "Gameboy lot" etc. But my problem on ebay is that it only displays from US Regions, I'm from Europe and I can afford to buy from Germany, France, UK, Spain etc because of fairly lower shipping than US.

I want to hear if you're a game collector, where do you buy your games bundles, what do you think it's worth buying from retailer or buy from a garage sale? If it's a garage sale, do they have a website? Do they ship to Greece?

Also I'd like advice regarding fraud protection and safety.

I have a fair chunk of PS2 games that I've amassed over the years, mostly from when I was working at Game. They don't sell them anymore though, and if they do, it won't be in every store.

Your best bet for shops would be CeX or independently owned places.

Try car boot sales/garage sales. Gumtree, Craigslist. I tend to get my stuff from wherever I can, providing it'll work. You'll find that some people don't know what they're selling/just want to get rid of it so you can get a good deal.

I collect a fair amount of PC games too. I'm talking old style with a license key that didn't need the internet to validate. Big Box PC games had me in a hold a few years ago.

I buy mine from the local used game store. Very rarely from online.

Hi, Did you try to use a country specific ebay pages like etc.?
? sometimes it helps . Also many people arent willing to ship anything outside their country of residence to avoid a fraud.If you are really interested in buying something you could always send a pm message to seller, I bought many games that way, If you have high enough feedback they could sell it to you anyway. If you are looking for complete editions with every extra bit,leaflet etc,country specific editions and press kits you could use , i bought many presskits there and never had any problems but that was some time ago and things might have changed. Ebay still seems to be the most reasonable place to buy,smaller forums or portals that dont get a cut from transactions usually dont provide much more than user feedback or name and shame list.

When I used to collect old computers twice I answered an ad for a pc, trs4 and a 5150. Both times I unexpectedly got a HUGE amount of software. Both times they asked me if I wanted it like I was doing them a favor.
The most important thing is get out there and look. Government electronic recycling killed allot of my old hunting grounds.
Both the trs 4 and the 5150 cost 50 bucks each. They go for 10 times that now.