Buying parts

Hey everyone!,

I wanna buy a new PSU,Motherboard,CPU,Graphic card,CPU Cooler,Memory Ram,And SSD. I will be livestreaming League of Legends and i wanna play with high fps ,atleast 60 + ... I am Europian,I live in Cyprus so i want a website that shipping is available to Cyprus and a cheap one please :) Would be awesome if you really know about that,and wanna help me add me on skype : marioscy95 so we can talk more about that :)!

I willl be spending around 800euros so around 900dollars !

I'm English, so i don't really have many suggestions other than do you guys have play?

yes ty

but really really expensive lol

yeah, I stick with amazon, but if there was no alternative I would use play

what about Can they ship to Europe,Cyprus?

bump! need help for a build :D