Buying parts on Black Friday/cyber Monday

I am planning on doing this but I'm wondering if I'm making a 500$ purchase in parts is 100$ off on Black Friday/ cyber Monday realistic?


what would be the max potential I could get off?


I am purchasing:


Asus P8Z77-V LE

Antec 302

Windows 8 64bit

Don't put together a fixed build list for Black Friday. Scratch it, and be ready for an on-the-fly build day-of. That's what I did at-least, and I saved the most money and didn't have to worry about my specific parts being on sale.

There's not really a good way to tell what will be on sale, so. Also, $100 in savings is realistic.

Yeah i agree with Insane, because you never know what will go on sale. Try getting the best of the best the second you can grab your hands on it before it goes out of stock. Perhaps a i7 will go on fire sale or the R4 case will be 80% off, etc. If you plan to do it on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, be prepared to make fast decisions and get the best of what is available.

We'll my limit is going to be about 400-450$ so unless some of these better pieces go on super sale I won't be able to get it

I think the key is to know what the equivalent parts are, so you "don't care" which ones you get.  For example the 4570 for the 3570k -- but, then you can't overclock.**  If you don't overclock the 4570 is cheaper and faster.  The 4570 is on a different socket too which opens you up to various motherboard choices.

One thing you can do is make multiple "equivalent value" builds on pcpartpicker, and watch the price fluctuations of each build and try to get a sense of when to buy each piece.

My own self I would buy everything at once, but it definitely seems worth trying to time it!  Good luck!

 ** EDIT: at least, not with the CPU multiplier.

i agree with what everyone else is saying.. have an idea of what you'd like to buy, but be flexible.. and also keep looking at everything NOW, so you don't end up missing out on a fabulous deal. :) like if you found an awesome deal on an SSD for like $50 or something, i'd snatch it up. lol just be flexible & you'll end up with some really amazing things! :D and don't forget the before & after christmas sales! there's always some amazing deals to be had.. xD always! you can put together something amazing for that budget. have no fear. :)