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Buying Old HP Servers


How much would you pay for this palette?

3 - Google Servers
9 - Proliant DL380 G5
3 - Proliant DL580 G5

No HDDs, no power cords. This is all I know. Wondering if it might be fun (and mildly profitable) to part them over over eBay or maybe take the best parts of a few of them and build a rendering server (I make fractal art). Would these possibly contain Xeons that can be used in a modified LGA 775 motherboard with a custom BIOS?

Any help highly appreciated.

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Google servers

100-300 each depends on specs and hard drive controllers

200-400, maybe. Because they are quad socket Xeon they are worth a fair bit but not a huge amount.



They're DDR2 machines, so not too much. The G6's and G7's are much more desirable, since the generational gap between the xeons in the G5 and G6 is so large.

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No, the 580 G5 is the Nehalem 6 Core machines that are quad socket.
I think they have DDR3? The X7460 and similar chips/mobos.



Nah they're DDR2. DDR3 is G6 and G7. They're up too 6 cores, but not Nehalem. They're the generation prior, and they don't have any hyperthreading.

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Buying HP servers in the G5 series is very price dependant... If you get an exceptional deal, shoot for it. I recently picked up a DL360 G5 with dual 5160's and 8gb of ram for $45.

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Thanks for the comments, everybody. The bidding for this palette just hit $250 CDN, and I think I'm going to pass.



I've got a couple DL380 G5s I can put back together if you're still looking. I was just going to throw them away.



That is extremely generous, but I'm probably better off spending some time learning the differences between the newer Xeons and keeping my eye on local surplus equipment auctions. If I do manage to pull off a LGA771 to LGA775 mod, it'll probably only be worth it with an X5460... or maybe I'll find a cheap dual-CPU mobo on eBay.

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Wow. The auction went all the way up to $2,200CDN, and there's still a few hours left.
I guess these old servers must be valuable to someone. :)



Well, $2200 sounds like a lot, but it is Canadian Pesos. That's like $25.36 usd or something around there lol.

No but really someone must not know what they're buying too pay that much for that stack of servers. Maybe if they have some pcie add-in cards or something that are worth a bit. Still seems like too much to pay for that stack of servers.



Huh...Guess I know what I'm doing with my servers... Brb, going to eBay. :)



Canadian Pesos... Do I spy an AVE-ism?



AvE, you don't capitalism the v man :3

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Yeah, caps lock dicked me over.

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I don't know who your auction host is, but I've seen people hiring friends to pump up prices if people are not bidding high enough. Oh wait, Canada, never mind, there's probably no ill intent, just old fashioned lunacy :)

I've been meaning to do a Xeon hack build as well. Two weeks ago I ordered an E5450 from China for $24 and also just for funzies comparison - an L5420 for $9. I might use it for a low power build down the line, or maybe just for testing/comparison or even delidding.



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@Adubs @TheCaveman
Figured you might get a kick out of this, if you haven't seen it.

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Also, to get the post back on track, I've been looking at buying an old server and rack to play around with.

What are some relatively small rack servers and server racks to take a look at?



And here's the next auction:

1 - HP Proliant DL360 G7
2 - HP Proliant DL380 G6
6 - HP Proliant DL380 G7
2 - Cisco Catalyst 2960
9 - Cisco Catalyst 3750G
2 - HP Storage Works 8-24 San Switch
1 - HP Storage Works MPX110
2 - HP Storage Works MSL4048 Tape Library
1 - Tandberg Border Controller TTC2-02
1 - Tandberg Gatekeeper TTC-02

I really wish they would break these up into smaller lots; the price on this one is probably going to skyrocket, too.