Buying new SSD,need help

Alright,as the title says im in market for a new SSD.Now ive narrowed it down to three drives


Samsung 750 EVO 250GB

Sandisk Ultra II 240GB

Which one is the best and why?

All of those are quite out dated now.

Get one of these. Fast, reliable, good all around drive. Have a bunch and they are lovely.

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Unfortunately im not in the US and I have a tight budget. These are all around 80 euros while Samsung is from 95 do 150 euros,depends on the place.

I see. Then either the 750 or the Sandisk. Both are pretty good in my experience.

You realize you are offering something almost twice as expensive. The guy wants an entry level cheap ass SSD, and you are offering him 100$ SSD instead of the 60$ offerings he is looking at...
@Nightraven13, whatever you choose in this price point will be pretty much the same. As an A-Data fan i would say go A-Data, but i know people with good impressions of Sandisk as well, and samsung - it's samsung. Overpraised like many others imho...

I was aiming for the Adata as well,just wanted to hear opinions.Im gonna shove it in Sata 2 port so speed goes out of the window,i only want reliability.

Do you realize that in the United States the 750 has been replaced by the 850? Do you realize that if you can still even find 750s they are around $10 less than the better 850?

I didn't know his price range or that he wasn't in the US.... Relax.

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NP man,tnx for the suggestion.If i had money 850 is a no brainer.

Yeah it is cool I do apologize. Didn't know your situation.

LIke I said either is good. I personally have no experience with the ADATA drive so I can't recommend it. I do know the other two are good though. So really just take your pick.

Most reviews I read said that all the entry level ssd's are the same but I like to do a research,ask people that had experience etc before i buy stuff.Measure twice,cut once.


I can vouch for the Adata, have had an SP900 as my main drive for for the last three years.


I've been in your position, buying what I can get in my country instead of "the best" since many items only get here really overpriced or not at all.
My method is finding devices in my price range and reading a ton of reviews (mostly from buyers, reviewers may test speeds but they use them for a day or two at the most).
Don't forget to wait for black friday if you buy online (amazon, etc).

Im not in the US.Everything here is overpriced,for example 1050ti is 220 euros.

Absolutely the same...
With A-Data ram... 4x2GB 2000X...

Third SP900 user here. Rock-solid drive, has given me no problems whatsoever.

@Nightraven13 in my experience at least, any SSD that isn't a Kingston V300 or made by Silicon Power or Transcend is going to be an excellent drive for you. Whatever you can get your hands on will serve you well.

Most of the drives I've ever used have been Adata and Micron SSDs with a Patriot and a Sandisk here and there. All have performed flawlessly since being put into use.

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Alright guys,Adata it is.Tnx for your answers. (will post impressions when I get it)

I know you made your decision but still I'm gonna +1 the a data. They have good stuff.

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I have 3 of the Adata drives. I love them and have not had any issues with them. Also, they do come with hard drive cloning software, so save some money and avoid getting the Samsung.

Also, I have a total of 7 Adata drives and over the last year, I have not had any issues with them. For the price, I will continue to buy Adata drives.

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Can it clone only 1 partition tho and add the rest of the space to it? Like my C partition is 70 gigs on this HDD,when I clone it to the SSD will the rest of free space be added to that partition? I never used cloning software before.

As far as I know, Yes it can. I have not personally tired to do that, but it does ask what drive do you want to clone, and since you assign a dive letter to partitions I don't know why you couldn't clone just one partition. Also, it should automatically add the extra space of that drive to that partition.

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