Buying new headphones

Hi, I need help buying new headphones, I had an siberia v2 but the left ear died without any reason and the warranty has ended. So what kind of headphones could anyone suggest in the price range of 80-100$, the headphone should cover the entire ear and have a mic. For music I mostly listen any type of music, as for games well I play mostly fps but I love other genres aswell .


I went along with Logan's recommendation in one of his videos ( and got the Superlux HD668B.

I have got to say they are well worth the money and way under $80-$100.  I don't think you will be disapointed. 


I just got the Kingston HyperX Clouds - and I have to say they are amazing. So clear. So comfy. 

At less than $100 there is no compitition against AKG K240or the Sennheiser HD280 

If anyone comes across any of these cans  ... please let me know

these are some of the rarest ... hard to find  ... most wanted there are (or is it were?).

  • On a scale of 1 to 10 ... 10 being the best ear sex ever!
  • MDR-CD999 ----------------------- 5.0
  • MDR-V6 ---------------------------- 4.5
  • MDR-V7 ---------------------------- 5.5--6.0
  • MDR-D77 -------------------------- 7
  • MDR-CD1000 --------------------- 7.5
  • Stax Lambda Normal/SRD-7 -- 9.5 ...... Could sell for over $5500 and another $2000 for the amp

I have a completely thrashed MDR-V7s That still sound incredible and they ony rate between 5.5 - 6.0 .... I want to hear the  ....  Stax Lambda Normal/SRD-7

Just ordered mine on Friday. Should be here Tuesday. Will update once I have a first impression. All the reviews are really good. Tek Syndicate, Hardwarecanuks, and OC3D all give them really high remakes. But that Mark from Classic Game Room. I don't know if that was a review or not. But seemed like he liked them. Its not a true review till you try it on the Neo Geo.

My recommendation would be the Rosewill Sonas as of right now. They are well worth the price. One cable have a mic built right in, it has a decent sound quality to that. They range between $50-$80 right now. I listen to a lot of trance, metal and classic rock. The bass is quite tight and the highs are very crisp. 

So my Hyper X clouds came in today. And the hype is mostly justified. The build quality is really good. The sound is really good. But on mine the adjustment system is really loose. Normal I think but I would really like to have seen it have a tighter snap to it. The sound it good. But if you change out to the cloth ear pads. It wildly changes the sound. The highs are a lot more present and the bass is a bit more lacking. Both can be fixed with a EQ tweek. I have had them on for 6 hours and no pain at all. I would say there on par with 150 dollar headphones. This hurts my brain to understand how there making any profit. 

I would highly recommend the Hyper X Cloud headset. There is nothing in gaming headsets that in this price range that come close. And the same goes for headsets at a even higher price point.