Buying new budget PC

Now that i sell my xbox 360 and money i have im planing to buy a new PC becouse the one i have is like 7 years old.My new rig will be next 4gb of ram cpu:FX 6300 motherboard:Msi 760g,-p23 fx gpu:R9 270 x.Will it be enough to play games like Battlefield 4 upcoming GTA V than Watch Dogs on 1080 high/ultra?But on start i will not buy gpu becouse i dont have mouch money but in like 4 months i will buy r9 270x and another 4gb of ram.So will i be able to play games on decent frame rate and in what setting whit this rig in start just whitout r9 270x,I will use my old old radeon x1300 x1550 series until i buy r9 270x.

Tom's Hardware ranks Intel's HD 3000 iGPU higher than the X1550, and only marginally better than the Radeon HD 3200 integrated into the 760G chipset. That means you'd be better getting a system with integrated graphics and run that until you get a GPU. I would recommend an APU, but it seems the games you want to play are pretty CPU intensive. If you don't mind paying north of $150, you may want to consider an Intel Core i5 if you want the best performance down the road, or an AMD A10 Kaveri APU (either 7800 or 7850K, depending if you want to OC) for performance right now (can get playable settings at 1080p, or higher details at 720).

However, if your budget is really tight, and you don't plan on overclocking, I'd get an AMD A8-7600. It provides enough GPU horsepower to play modern games right now (provided you get fast enough RAM), and has good enough CPU performance for when you buy a dedicated GPU down the road.

One question though: do you plan on overclocking?

I dont mind waiting 4 months to get gpu.And my oppinion is that fx 6300 is way better that the cpu/apu s you mentioned in your post for future demanding games.So if i update update gpu will it be good enough to play next gen game on 1080p in high ultra.Thanks for your comment and advices:)

It's the best for the buck. And yes, should be enough for gaming. However, the real reason why FX's are a bargain is because of over clocking. If you don't persue that, Intel is better for gaming, at least at stock clocks. And if you aren't gaming before you get your GPU, it would be wise to wait until you have enough money to buy everything because of rapid price fluxuations.