Buying Litecoins

I am new to bitcoins and litecoins, and eventually want to mine, but as for the time being I am stuck without the hardware to do so. In the meantime, I plan to purchase Litecoin in USD. My question is this: How and where? I mean, I've been searching around but it seems like there isn't much support for it yet. What do you guys think, and has anyone purchased directly with USD?

this. btc-e sells litecoins but they don't take paypal...

I know, it makes me sad :C

Someone already set up could take paypal orders and keep a little % for their trouble. Logan, get in here and take my money!


Should be able to buy bitcoins then trade for litecoins.

where? mtgox? they don't take paypal either...

Meh, I wish I could buy some. But having to go through these dodgy russian sites really makes me sceptical to even trying. They are probably trustworthy, but when they ask me to verify my account by giving them loads of documentation about myself they can kiss my ass. 

BTC-E should have had a real alternative to deposit currency. Could someone make a quick guide how to buy LTC easily, safe and without having to transfer money between fifteen accounts?

I would like to know about this as well.

There is a way to buy litcoins with paypal but be warned it will cost you more as there are a few steps which all incur fees.

  • First go to and deposit money with paypal
  • Buy Second life linden dollars (you dont need a second life account)
  • in the same exchange use linden dollars to buy Bitcoins (why they don't let you buy BTC with the money you deposit is a mistery)
  • Take out the BTC
  • Deposit BTC into
  • Use BTC to buy litecoin

This is very expensive but you can start right away as the paypal is instant funding rather than sending money to foreign bank accounts that will take all your money in fees (I'm in the UK and there arent many places that have UK bank deposits, one can only dream).