Buying laptop in Germany

I hope this is in the right section. I am trying to find a good gaming laptop for 1200 USD in Germany.It seems like all the local resellers are selling at a much higher rate than thier US counterpart. How do I get a 1200 USD worth gaming laptop in Germany given prices in the US?

Go to, if you what do buy online. I don't know what is the best "reallife" store to go to, i've only been to Saturn, in hamburg. For the laptop itselfs, might I suggest, msi ge70.

Yep, and if you're a student, check out the occasional student deals on

There is no MWS in the US, all US prices are net, and sales taxes are regional, but don't show in the advertised price of the product. If you were to buy a laptop in the US, with import tax and MWS, you would pay more than when buying in Germany. A possible solution for saving a few Euros is when for instance PCSpezialist has a good deal on a laptop that you like, they have a store in Strassen in Luxembourg, with a lower VAT rate, but unless you live in the neighbourhood, the trip would probably cost more than the difference in VAT.