Buying keyboard help!

i need to know if i should get this keyboard or not , if its good and will last me atleast 2 year thanks for any replys!

it this; Alps Mechanical Switch ASK6600

Is there a link/keyboard name that's suppose to go along with this? Or are you asking us to find a keyboard that will last you at least 2 years?

oh sorry no its the alps mechanical switch keyboard heres a link 


Mechanical keyboards keys are a lot more durable than your every day rubber dome keyboard. As for that keyboard in particular I couldn't say.

Do you play a lot of video games? Do you type a lot? Both?

yes and yes , yet i have a small bugget i know i could go get a cm storm that would last me 5 years i just dont have the money and i have never herd of alps swiches if there good or the same as cherry  so here i am lol

Can't find any decent reviews for it so can't recommend it, honestly I'd save up and get something like this

Brown keys are nice and very good for people switching from membrane to mechanical.

alright man thaks for your help !

+1 for browns being the bridgeway to mechanical