Buying directly from level 3?

In the tek Wendel says that small tech companies nowadays buy directly from level 3. I was wondering if a normal consumer can do the same? Or if there is anyway for the average Joe to bypass shitty isp's?

i guess the average joe could do that, if they had the money for a 10 gigabit connection, and the ability to put down landlines. but i see no reason why a town couldnt buy a level 3 connection and redistribute it to all houses (if some semi-corrupt city council didnt take wads of cash from ISPs to prevent that)

and exactly how much is a 10gb connection and laying landlines cost?  ballpark cost for a single consumer to get this. 

guessing from google fiber starting at $70 for gigabit, i'd say around $700-1000 monthly.

as for the landlines, a teacher of mine showed an example of a company laying landlines for a direct connection between two offices, and for 50-ish miles it was in the 4-digits cost. (mind that this was an old example, and prices probably dropped)

after the landline costs also come the city permits to actually drop down a landline, which wont be easy. (if possible to get at all)

well i guess thats the best answer ill get thanks

In my area 10gib is over 2000$ a month for businesses. 


If you can foot the bill they ain't gonna say no.