[Buying] DDR3 Ram

Im looking to buy some ram in the next week and figured I make a post to see if anyone's got any to sell here on the forums. I need desktop ddr3 ram, I don't care what the frequency is as long as its not too low. Ideally Id get 1 8gb stick but if you have any ram at all that your willing to sell feel free to comment below. Im willing to spend a max of 60 bucks for 8 gigs. And less of coarse for less gigs. So yeah if you got some ddr3 your trying to sell reply below. Thanks everyone

If you haven't found any yet, I have some Mushkin Enhanced Ridgeback 1600mhz sitting around with a free schedule. 8 gigs, 2 sticks. 8 CAS latency. It's used, but back in the original packaging.

I wouldent spend 60 bucks for used RAM. You can find new 8 GB Ram for 50$ id say the max you should spend on used would be 40 tops.


Also getting 2 sticks of 4 would be far better

In general, yes, 8GB of DDR3 at 1600 mhz goes for ~50 bucks, but not so much these days. You're looking at more like 70-80 bucks new, with the recent uptick in memory prices.

About the 2 stick thing, definitely. You want to take advantage of dual-channel whenever possible, which should be always. If you're planning to buy one 8gig stick now and another one later, there's no guarantee that they'll work together, even if they're the same brand and model (at least that's what I heard).

I ended up buying some ripjaws, Thanks everyone

Damn I just awanted to sell my 8gb pair :<