Buying advice need a new phone

I don’t really don’t want to spend more than $400, ($600 if it can really deliver).

I need:

Headphone Jack
Micro SD slot (or it will have to have 512gb or 1Tb models available [probably more than $600])
6-8gb RAM
Decent battery
Android 9
A decent radio would nice, maybe a must, something with good reception, but, from what i can tell mid rang phones skimp on radio quality.

My OnePlusX has all of this minus the 6gb of RAM but, ever since updating to android 9 it’s been acting like hardware failure or like there is moisture the main board, GPS not updating/working, No notifications when i get texts etc etc (all worked at first after initial upgrade) One plus sells nothing over 256gb.

Getting an LG V30 used would be very cheap but its got the best headphone jack on the market and a radio app with a fantastic 3300mAh battery and POLED screen, sadly im still on android 8.1 I think but it doesnt bother me as the new features really dont seem to add much imo. All in All Best phone ive ever had and it competes with my friends S10 in many ways.
I use Lean and Niagara Launcher on it and its still smooth in apps like the day I bought it.

9 has adopted storage but, so might 81 but, whats odd is my phone with adopted storage say it’s full i’m not sure it works the same as apps2sd on a rooted phone so i think your right 9 doesn’t really offer much.

how old is the V30?

almost 2 years, I compared it in store with newer phones, basically same speed, no difference in apps, probably still able to do whatever you want to it without any hassle, and the LG bloatware is there but its not as invasive as other phones, I prefer LG because of its lack of intrusion. thats just my opinion though

phones need 8gb of ram now, the fug

Which of the requirements listed are the least important to you? Might have to forego one thing to get all the others.

Would used be acceptable? A flagship phone from last year may check all the boxes.

I think a pretty good one is the Zenfone 6. You’ll just need to add a micro SD to expand the internal storage and that’s it. Has flagship specs, everything you can have for around 500$.

android 9 if it has 8.1 and possibly headphone jack, used might be ok, i’d like to not be any more than a year old or new in box, i’m wondering if sweat has gotten to my OnePlus’ motherboard.

another kicker is how crappy is the SD slot i found outthe OPX would have been faster had they not nerfed the SD slot by going with a slow SD reader/chipset :frowning:

EDIT: Zen 6 is no go with it’s IPS …well maybe…

Don’t know if you’re still looking, but the ZTE Axon 10 Pro checks every box except price and headphone jack.

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not sure if you are still looking, if you are, you may want to try Sony XA2 Ultra especially if you are interested in flashing your own ROM (Lineage OS and /e/ comes to mind especially). You also have the option to install Sailfish OS - its a secure mobile os BUT it is not android.

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i purchased a used galaxy s9+ 256gb for under $400, specs say it’s a massive phone so idk how i’ll like it.

funny thing, now that i bought a new phone, my old phone has started working more correctly now, like GPS not keeling over dead as soon as i try to use it.

Also picked up a Samsung 512gb micro sd, it’s supposed to be fast too?? if i use a stock rom and regular android 9 adopted storage and install a ton of app it shouldn’t fill up. … i think…

for all i know the phone is piece of garbage and i’ll have to file for a refund.

EDIT: the XA2 is an IPS screen, only 4gb of ram. but, less than $200 on eBay? not bad for $150

Well i think i just wasted $800 USD. going to try and send this garbage back, can’t be rooted, no adopted storage!!! With the way phones fill up storage. IDK man this might have been a bad deal and i got the 256gb, i bet it will up fast with a few big games.

EDIT: we shall see if the phone can prove me wrong!

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Seconded. Recommended it to my Sister a few weeks ago. Once you get over the mediocre Spec-sheet, it’s the best camera phone period. My sister is the happiest she’s ever been with any phone, and since she travels a lot, photos are important.
And even being on the S10 i have to admit that there’s no contest in camera. That phone takes some damn great pictures.
That and quick updates. Just don’t think about the specs and you’ll be fine.

that is big NO, 64gb and no sd card slot, that would fill up in 30 seconds or less. I could care less about cameras.

So far mom is happy with her Galaxy S9+, no root and no adopted storage sucks ass but, i think i can get over that since it’s the 256gb model, the 512gb SD card should some space to dump my entire MP3 collection if so choose! (about 180gb)[i work in no and low signal areas semi often and fly from time to time]

I installed about every single app and games including the grand theft auto series in my google play history and it managed to swallow a mere 32gb of space so the 256gb internal should be good. the bixby and bloat ware sucks, i miss oxygen OS in that respect and the silence switch on the side but, i found a bixby button remapping app, should be able to map to flash light and shut up mode. i will also miss the oxygen OS gestures to launch stuff like camera and flash light.

my only concern is thigh dialing, i’ve had issues with my current OPX rebooting due to the button getting held down in my pocket. hopefully the bixby button and or power button don’t go nutz.

over all for what, $375 for each phone and about $37 for a 256gb micr sd for my moms phone and i pad about $80 something for my 512gb micrsd, i also got samsung, they SAY they have some decent read write speeds ,god knows what SD chipset is the phone, the OPX has a slow sd slot, hopefully these samsung micrsds in Samsung phones will be fast enough. moms phone seems to save photos instantly to the SD or has some sort of caching system.

So space seems to be taken care, the radios seems to be miles better than my OPX, i noticed my mom could pull up the ring app pretty quick compared to my OPX or her galaxy 5. I also noticed it had grabbed an LTE network. the only con is either her refurb sucks or these don’t have real whoopy battery life but, it seems a port or power pack are near by. although linus tech tips have proven Samsung phones have weird battery drain issues, so idk. maybe big brother’s data collection is burning up battery life.

Now i just need to force my self over to my S9+, i need to find some sort of thin rubber case for it.