Buying a used laptop for 50$, what do to with it

So my friend has an old Celeron laptop with 4G of RAM running windows 7 he'll sell me for 50$ just to have for whatever reason I need a mobile device for. I plan on putting a 64Gb SSD in and Installing Ubuntu...what else to do?

Use it as a paperweight? 

Mod it to have a touchscreen instead? Tear the case apart and make some steampunk/metal/retrobriefcase custom design thing? Heck. Make a case out of transparent plastic & plexiglass for an exposed project?

Or, you know. Download porn on it, overclock it a little bit, brag on the internet (typical use scenario, I fear).

Well I just figure having something for whenever I go to a hotel or take a shit or whatever just would be cool to have. I just want it to be faster for surfing around the interwebs since that's all it'll be used for.