Buying A TV

Looking to buy a new tv. So far I've narrowed down the options to led and 65-70 inch. The tv should be under 4,000. Also I've been wondering if features like smart tv are gimmicky and can be sacrificed and if its possible to get a tv with the same quality but at a lower price.

I would just get a 50 inch 4k tv

and an apple tv

and a surround sound system and receiver for under $4000

its the same price almost for Chinese ones

I'm guessing that you're planning to be 15+ feet away from the TV? If not (Read: 10-15 feet), then a 55"-60" would do fine. 1080p generally starts to stretch after 55" which is one of the reasons they developed 4K, but...the amount of 4K content is extremely minimal. The average person seems to cap on TV size of 46"-60" unless they have a Really big room or has lots of $$ and doesn't care about what they Need. Personally, while some movies are supposedly being recorded in 4K, not even the theatres really want the expense of upgrading, yet.

Beyond that, go for atleast 120Hz (preferably 240Hz) as it will smooth out movement on the screen. Anything less than 3 HDMI inputs on a TV that large is a joke. Make sure it has the other inputs/outputs you want. IE: You Want Digital Optical and/or Digital Coaxial Audio ports. If you plan on gaming with it and can find its response rate, then look for 4-6ms or less. Closer to 1ms (do they exist?) the better. Contrast Ratios can be a tricky beast as they're not measured/recorded the same across the industry and manufacturers like to fib by using terms like Dynamic.

If you believe what you see, then you'll notice that Samsung doesn't like to disappoint, but I haven't window shopped in a while. They sorta cheat with their refresh by putting in say a 60Hz chip and OC it to 120Hz, but it's Very obvious improvement.

Smart TV (being able to watch Netflix, Hulu, etc without a 2nd box) functionality seems to almost be a constant inclusion with TVs that large, but that's up to you. If the cost is more than $50-$100 more, then get the non-Smart and pickup a Roku3.

Did I forget anything?


Side Note: I don't believe some of that diagram about 'perceived' effectiveness. 720p Stretches at 37"-39" and 1080p at >55". That said, the higher rez on a smaller TV looks somewhat clearer.

If they already have apple devices/content, then yes. Otherwise a Roku3 or GoogleTV device.

The chinese 4k does 120hz 

i can't find out if that's the same tv i researched on awhile ago, but assuming all seiki 4k 50" tvs are the same (because why not)

they only do 120hz at very low resolutions, 60hz at 720p, 30hz at 1080p and up